About Us

Dashui Water Drillers Limited

Dashui Water Drillers Limited is incorporated in Kenya under the Company's Act to deal with all matters related to underground water including exploration and drilling.
We have  experience in borehole drilling and associated works including borehole pump equipping, borehole solarization, pump testing, etc.  We drill and equip boreholes of up to 550 meters deep.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the water driller of choice in East and Central Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make water available and accessible to humanity at an affordable budget.

Our Core Values

Dashui Water Drillers Limited is a highly professional organization that is keen to build lasting relationship with its customers guided by the following values:
We have no hidden cards. We just say to you what you should know as it is.
You can be sure that whatever we agree to do, it will be done. No supervision needed.
Our aim is to be of service to you to the best of our ability and build good reputation.
No time spills, no budget overruns. We shall deliver within agreed timelines.
No need to worry. You can totally rely on us and we shall never disappoint.
We believe in doing what ought to be done the way it ought to be done. No changing goal-posts.
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