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Specialists in Mud and Air Drilling

This is one area that is most challenging to many drillers. Through study, practice and experience, we have mastered what it takes. You can rely on us.

Depth of up to 550m

As deep as you may want it.  And you must be sure that what you asked for is what you got and nothing less. We can drill up to a depth of up to 550m.

Test Pumping Unit

We offer test-pumping services either after a new borehole has been done or for an existing borehole that requires rehabilitation or change of pumps.

Borehole Pumps & Accessories

We do supply quality pumps of all types and sizes. You can rely on our experience and expertise in this. We shall be able to provide you adequate after sales service.

Borehole Equipping with Solar

Energy to power your pumps can be a big challenge. Grid power is also not as cost friendly as it could be. That is why you may need to have solar either to supplement your power needs or as the primary source. We can help you here.

Borehole Diameter 5'' to 17''

How wide do you want your borehole to be? Anything from 5inches to 17inches? Get in touch.
Borehole Rehabilitation
A borehole can reach where it is no longer usable; usually due to reduced yield. You may want to reclaim its functionality. Let us see and advise you accordingly.
Borehole Camera Services
We have high quality cameras that can give the depth, formation, static water levels of the borehole and also show clarity of water (i.e. turbidity).
Borehole Flushing
This happens when the water coming from the borehole is dirty and the borehole is silted. You want it to be cleaned and the dirt flushed out.
Elevated Tanks Installation
Water from the borehole is normally pumped into a tank or tanks mounted high enough to enable water to flow to the consumer(s) with adequate pressure.

Everything Borehole

Borehole is not something you want to chance with. You can easily lose money by picking non-qualified drillers to work on your borehole. Picking a truly qualified professional is not easy. But here we are at your service.

Dashui Water Drillers; Infinite Possibilities

Piping Works

We supply and fix any piping system.